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The clubs and media organizations that Charlie Tuley has been associated with over his football analytics career


Charlie's own Twitter account. Started in September of 2020, the account hosts hundreds of visualizations and insights regarding Spain's premier football league.

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San Jose Earthquakes

Charlie Tuley worked as a Data/Performance Analysis for the San Jose Earthquakes from March 2021 to February 2022, both as an intern and in a more prominent role.

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Managing Madrid

One of the largest Real Madrid-based media sites in the world, home of the biggest Real Madrid podcast. Charlie Tuley has been a feature writer for Managing Madrid since early 2021


Lansing Common FC

Charlie Tuley's local football club, and his second internship for the summer of 2021. Tuley mainly focused on video analysis and data tracking for The Robins.

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Villarreal USA

The largest Villarreal-centric media group in the United States. Charlie Tuley has been a feature writer for the site since May 2021.

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Collegiate Soccer Society

The parent-club to the Michigan Soccer Analytics Society that the Analyticslaliga title resides under. The club hosts a blog where Tuley posts his scouting reports.


Verified Athletics

From January 2022 until August 2022, Charlie Tuley worked for Verified Athletics as a database management intern, as well as a programmer.

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